FedLine Advantage® Setup

Thank you for choosing the FedLine Advantage Solution. We are excited to work with you to make this a smooth and easy setup process, which normally takes approximately 60-90 days for most organizations. However, all tasks can be completed at your discretion, with the exception of a predetermined period required to receive your Virtual Private Network (VPN) device or Dedicated Wide Area Network (WAN) equipment. Following are the steps you will need to take to complete the process.

Our specially trained FedLine Implementation Team will guide you through the steps of the setup process. To receive FedLine Advantage technical and service setup support, call the Support Center. If you have additional questions regarding this service, please contact your relationship manager.

Step 1 - Review Rules and Regulations

Prior to establishing FedLine Advantage access, your organization must be authorized to use Federal Reserve Bank Services. Use of all Federal Reserve Bank Services is governed by the applicable Operating Circulars. The terms under which an organization may electronically access these services are provided in Operating Circular 5, Electronic Access. It is each organization's responsibility to review its internal controls and procedures to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place when using FedLine® Solutions.

Step 2 - Submit Certificate of Resolution and Official Authorization List

To begin the FedLine Advantage Solution setup process, your organization must have a Certificate of Resolution and Official Authorization List on file with the Federal Reserve Banks.

Step 3 - Designate End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs)

If your organization is setting up its FedLine Advantage connection for the first time, you must designate at least two employees to be EUACs and specify one of them to be the main contact for your organization throughout the implementation. The EUACs will be the individuals at your organization who have the authority to designate authorized individuals (Subscribers) who will transact business via a FedLine Solution. Additional detail regarding EUAC responsibilities is available on the EUAC Support Page and in the EUAC Reference Guide and Onboarding Kit, which is available via FedLine Home.

To authorize an EUAC, complete, print and sign the EUAC Designation and Authorization Form for FedLine Web-Based Services and Other Business Applications (PDF) and send the signed original to the Support Center. The form must be signed by an individual listed on your organization's Official Authorization List (OAL). When we receive the completed form, a credential will be issued to the EUAC. The EUAC will use the credential to access the EUAC Center, which enables the EUAC to submit Subscriber requests, reset FedLine Subscriber passwords and access Subscriber reports and FedLine documentation.

FedLine Advantage EUACs also have access to the Connection Management Center (CMC) to track the progress of your FedLine Advantage implementation. A FedLine Implementation Team representative will contact your FedLine Advantage EUACs with instructions for accessing the CMC.

Step 4 - Plan & Prepare

Your organization needs to:

  • Identify the services your organization will access via FedLine Advantage and execute new security procedure agreements, where applicable (including the Fedwire® Funds Service, Fedwire Securities Service, the National Settlement Service and FedACH® and FedNow file-processing services)
  • Determine the appropriate connection options with your technical support staff
  • Review the FedLine Advantage Hardware and Software Requirements

Your FedLine Implementation Team representative will be available to assist your organization in determining the appropriate connection options as well as any other necessary forms and agreements that need to be completed.

Step 5 - Order Hardware

Your organization will work with your FedLine Implementation Team representative to place your order for the VPN device that will be used to connect to the FedLine Advantage Solution.

Step 6 - Installation and Subscriber Setup

Your organization's designated EUAC or Technical Contact will receive, set up and install the hardware that was ordered. Your organization's EUACs will designate Subscribers who will access services via the FedLine Advantage Solution and Subscriber personal computers (PCs) will need to be configured.

An EUAC must submit a Subscriber request via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home for each individual who will be authorized to access the FedLine Advantage Solution. To determine which services and applications your organization may need and the corresponding Subscriber access levels, please review the Subscriber Access Level Descriptions.

The installation is complete when your organization can successfully access FedLine Advantage and you confirm access to appropriate Federal Reserve Bank Services.

Step 7 - Receive Credentials

Once a Subscriber's credential is created, the Subscriber and the requesting EUAC will receive the credential components and instructions via email and/or express mail service. The FedLine Advantage Connection Utility and security token client software provided by the Federal Reserve Banks must be installed on each PC that will be used to access FedLine Advantage.

Step 8 - Application Training & Testing

Depending on the services your organization plans to use, application testing dates may need to be established and application testing may need to be conducted. Your FedLine Implementation Team representative will provide additional information and testing resources. Subscribers should be directed to access training resources available via FedLine Home.

Step 9 - Schedule a Production Date

Finally, your organization will choose production implementation dates for all services and begin conducting production transactions via FedLine Advantage.

Step 10 - Congratulations! You can now begin using FedLine Advantage.

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