Survey Central Resources

This section offers information on the types of data collected via Survey Central, instructions on how to obtain access to the secure portal and resources that include a user guide, frequently asked questions, and contact information.

Surveys Available via Survey Central

Survey Central enables the Federal Reserve to collect responses to a variety of surveys in a secure environment. At this time, individuals will logon to the Survey Central portal to select and respond to certain national surveys. Other surveys may be collected using the Survey Central application, but do not require individuals to log in. Check out the Survey Central Frequently Asked Questions if you have additional questions.

Setting Up Survey Central Access

Survey Central is a web-based reporting application utilized by the Federal Reserve to provide a secure system that serves as a single point of entry for Federal Reserve electronic survey submission. Those surveys that are accessed through the Survey Central portal require an account or profile be created for the purposes of multi-factor authentication. Respondents must be invited to join any survey conducted by the Federal Reserve, and participation may be subject to approval prior to access provisioning.

To create a profile for multi-factor authentication, please provide your Survey Central Technical Support Contact with the following information for each profile:

  • First and last name of the user
  • Business email address of the user
  • Name of the application (Survey Central)

Once the profile has been created, you will receive an email link to finish setting up your multi-factor authentication profile, which includes setting up a password. Within the link, you can adjust your profile settings to include a phone number to receive your multi-factor authentication code via text message instead of through email.

Secure Logon for Survey Central

The Survey Central application is a secure system to submit survey responses from consumers, financial institutions and non-financial entities.

Click the button below to access the Survey Central portal:


A Survey Central External User Guide (PDF) is for the benefit of individuals responsible for the completion and submission of surveys. The user guide provides the following information:

  • Overview
  • Accessing and Logging into Survey Central Portal
  • Survey Central Portal
  • Accessing Surveys Through E-mail
  • Survey Workflow
  • Survey Central Support Contacts

A set of Frequently Asked Questions has been developed to provide the answers and information you need for Survey Central regarding:

  • Background
  • Setup Steps to Access Survey Central
  • Contact Information

We encourage you to check the Frequently Asked Questions page regularly for updated information. If your question is not answered by the information provided within the FAQs or the Survey Central Resources, please contact your Survey Central Technical Support Contact.

We're Here to Help

Please contact your Survey Central Technical Support Contact with questions regarding access, instructions and survey submissions.

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