FedCash® Services Cash Highlights and Industry Outreach

The Federal Reserve System and FedCash Services have an established research and industry outreach program to deepen understanding of how changes in the payments landscape could affect the demand for FedCash Services. By focusing on emerging trends, this program helps us maintain an effective and efficient operation for distributing currency and coin and ensures that financial institutions have sufficient supplies to meet public demand now and over the long run. Outreach for FedCash Services includes three components.

Cash Trends

Analyzing emerging trends in the merchant environment through annual interviews with merchants on topics related to payment trends and developments in cash handling technologies.

Cash Usage

Understanding how and why consumers use cash to enable economic analysis of consumers' preferences and payment decisions.

Cash Visibility

Bringing greater transparency and efficiency to cash handling logistics through our work with financial institutions, armored carriers, U.S. merchants and GS1US.

  • Cash Visibility is a joint industry initiative aimed at applying package tracking technology to the cash supply chain logistics. Visit GS1 US’s Cash Visibility webpage (Off-site) for more information.
  • The FedCash E-Manifest Service enables financial institutions and armored carriers that work directly with the Federal Reserve to electronically process currency deposits and orders at Fed docks, with no fees from the Fed to use this service.


For additional information, contact SYS.FRFS.FedCash.Services@sf.frb.org.

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