FedCash® E-Manifest Service

The FedCash E-Manifest Service supports the industry’s movement toward Cash Visibility as it enables financial institutions and armored carriers that work directly with the Federal Reserve to electronically process currency deposits and orders at Fed docks. The E-Manifest Service replaces the manual process of matching paper manifests for deposits and orders at Federal Reserve docks with a technology that enables scanning and an electronic exchange of data.

Now is the time to bring cash supply chain logistics up to speed.

The Federal Reserve has successfully piloted the E-Manifest Service, leveraging API technology, for currency deposits and orders beginning February 2023, and onboarded financial institutions and their servicing armored carriers across the country as early adopters.

As of October 2023, the E-Manifest ServiceFootnote 1 is available to all financial institution customers of the Federal Reserve Banks and their servicing armored carriers, with no fees from the Fed to use this service. With the E-Manifest Service, armored carriers, on behalf of their financial institution customers, can share and receive electronic information in real-time. The Fed is dedicated to working with you to increase adoption of E-Manifest and bring greater transparency and efficiency to the United States cash supply chain.


How does the E-Manifest Service work?


How the E-Manifest Service works diagram

  1. A digital E-Manifest is created and posted to the API
  2. The digital E-Manifest is retrieved
  3. Each bag is scanned and reconciled with the digital E-Manifest
  4. An E-Receipt is issued and the transfer is completed

Take the next step to modernize the United States cash supply chain.

In support of financial industry standards, the E-Manifest Service utilizes the GS1 US license (Off-site). Take the first step to learn more about GS1 Standards and adopt the E-Manifest Service by completing the expression of interest form below. Regardless of where you are in your Cash Visibility journey, the Fed’s E-Manifest Readiness Program team will review your organization’s information and then connect with you to experience the benefits of this digitalization.

Experience the benefits of digitalization.

The Federal Reserve’s E-Manifest Readiness Program team is dedicated to helping the industry adopt the E-Manifest Service. After completing the expression of interest form, we will connect with your organization’s representative on the below next steps.

4-steps to assess your readiness

  1. Assess Your Readiness State
    • Initial conversations will determine the resources needed to support your organization's desired steps toward FedCash E-Manifest Service adoption.
  2. Designate Organization Representatives
    • Representatives from your organization will partner with the Federal Reserve to implement the FedCash E-Manifest Service into your operations.
  3. Select Supply Chain Partners
    • Supply chain partner selection will help the Federal Reserve to determine specific resources needed for your organization's adoption of the FedCash E-Manifest Service.
  4. Plan for Upcoming Discussions
    • The Federal Reserve will establish a regular cadence of meetings and developer support discussions to guide your organization as you onboard with the FedCash E-Manifest Service

Have questions about the E-Manifest Service? Contact the Federal Reserve at CVIndustry@frb.org.

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1 There are no fees from the Federal Reserve to use the FedCash E-Manifest Service. There may be other associated costs for the adopting organization to implement the service.

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