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Fed Spotlight: AXIOM Armored on how the FedCash® E-Manifest Service has transformed its business

Today, consumers and businesses can easily track purchases and monitor goods as they progress through the supply chain toward eventual delivery.

In pursuit of similar digitalization, the Federal Reserve is working with the industry to bring cash supply chain logistics up to speed with the FedCash E-Manifest Service.

The E-Manifest Service enables financial institutions and armored carriers that work directly with the Fed to electronically process currency deposits and orders. It replaces the manual paper process for deposits and orders at Fed docks with a technology that enables scanning and an electronic exchange of data.

AXIOM Armored (Off-site) — a full-service armored car company — has been an early adopter of the E-Manifest Service since May 2023 and is experiencing the benefits of this digitalization firsthand. Watch the short video below to hear from AXIOM on how the company is using the FedCash E-Manifest Service to embrace modernization of the cash supply chain.


To learn more about the FedCash E-Manifest Service, including implementation next steps, visit the E-Manifest Service page now.