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New case type added to FedACH® Exception Resolution Service

Beginning March 18, 2024, a new case type for processing non-receipt claims from the U.S. Treasury will be available in the Exception Resolution Service. These claims will transition to the new Non-Receipt Claim (NRC) case type from the Payment Trace Request (PTR) case type to provide standardized data entry and enable greater automation for claim resolution.

NRC cases can be created only by Treasury. Fields used in the NRC case type will be the same as the ones currently in use with the PTR case type for non-receipt claims.

What do I need to know?

  • Account information fields now will be included as separate fields in print messages, CSV files and JSON files for NRCs.
  • Continue to respond using the PTR case type if you have PTR non-receipt claims in your Exception Resolution Service inbox from Treasury.
  • Begin responding using the NRC case type if you receive non-receipt claims from Treasury with the new case type after March 18.
    • As a reminder, the account holder information for the customer who received the payment is being requested, and may be disclosed, to Treasury under the authority of 12 USC 3413 (k) – Disclosure Necessary for Proper Administration of Programs of Certain Government Authorities.

What should I do to prepare for these U.S. Treasury non-receipt claims?

  • Preview the new case type in the depository institution testing environment. Please note that customer testing is not required.
  • Confirm that the individuals responsible for U.S. Treasury NRCs have the Exception Resolution Service role for the FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage® Solutions. If not, please have your End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) modify or add this credential.
  • Complete Sections 2, 3, 2.3 and 4 of the FedACH Participation Agreement Part 6F (PDF) and update notification email addresses for incoming FedACH exception cases.
  • Review the Exception Resolution Service application and its training materials in FedLine® and the Quick Reference Guide on®.

Service and support

This enhancement is part of our commitment to providing the industry with a secure, efficient and adaptable service for ever-increasing and time-sensitive ACH exception management. If you have questions about these changes, please contact the Support Center.