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Use analytical reports to gain insights about your organization’s 2023 FedACH® activity

Two Federal Reserve Financial Services reports can provide your organization with powerful strategic understanding of your data.

The FedPayments® Insights Service allows you to compare your FedACH Services activity to prior years across all your ABAs, easily review daily and historical trends and interact with your ACH data in a dynamic way. The information can be viewed as charts and graphs to assist with understanding trends in a visual manner.

Now available:

  • The FedPayments Insights Trends and SEC report now allows you to display up to six years of summary level data.

The ACH Routing Number Activity Report in the FedPayments Reporter Service for FedACH is designed to automatically generate your institution’s FedACH Services activity from the past year.

These services allow you to:

  • Monitor FedACH processing activity, including government and commercial transactions
  • Share summary-level information easily with executives at your institution
ACTION ITEM: View a sample report and read the report descriptions to learn more about FedPayments Reporter for FedACH. Discover the benefits of the FedPayments Insights Service and how it can help your institution. If you would like to implement these services, reach out to your relationship manager today.