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New enhancements can help you easily resolve all your ACH exceptions

New features now allow the FedACH® Exception Resolution Service to be used for all your ACH exceptions, regardless of the operator and including on-us items. Sign up to be a full-service participant in the Exception Resolution Service to benefit from these enhancements.

What’s new?

Exception Resolution Service customers now can initiate cases related to on-us ACH transactions, ACH transactions older than two years and non-FedACH Services settled transactions via:

  • Manual key entry within the FedLine® Solution
  • Uploading a case management file

The user interface via the FedLine Solution continues to allow you to auto-populate transaction details for an ACH entry settled through the FedACH Service for up to two years from the processing date.


The Department of the U.S. Treasury has expanded use of the FedACH Exception Resolution Service to help improve the efficiencies of investigations into Treasury non-receipt claims with financial institutions. Notification emails to a financial institution’s designated group or individual emails when a case is sent to the responder can be added or modified by submitting Part 6F of the FedACH Participation Agreement (PDF).

About the service

The Exception Resolution Service offers a secure, efficient and consistent ACH exception resolution option to financial institutions and the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Expansion of the service to include all ACH entries is expected to facilitate industry adoption and enable a full network solution to time-consuming ACH exception processing.

Please contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support or your relationship manager if you have questions or would like to sign up.