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Announcing Deposit Visual Reference Guide updates

On Nov. 6, 2023, the Federal Reserve published an updated Deposit Visual Reference Guide (DVRG), a supplement to the Cash Services Manual of Procedures (CSMOP) (PDF), to provide financial institutions with step-by-step pictorial instructions for different components of, and scenarios for, depositing currency and coin.

This version of the guide supports the Cash Visibility industry initiative and now includes the following FedCash® E-Manifest Service guidance:

  • Links to Cash Visibility and FedCash E-Manifest Service information.
  • Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) barcode requirements for E-Manifest deposits:
    • SSCC barcode placement on bags or tags for containerized deposits.
    • SSCC barcode placement requirements for contaminated deposits.
    • Photo examples of SSCC barcode deposit requirements.

Following the DVRG guidelines carefully will help ensure your deposits are not rejected by the servicing Federal Reserve Bank and returned to your institution, at your expense.

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