Reporting Central Application Setup

This section offers information on the steps you need to complete to set up access to the Reporting Central application. Please review the instructions below, follow the links to the forms that must be completed and review the resources that include the Reporting Central Resource Center, frequently asked questions and contact information.

Please take this time to identify all reports for which your organization is responsible. Your organization should identify all individuals who will need to obtain FedLine Web® credentials so that they can access the Reporting Central application to submit the reports. After having identified the individuals who will need to obtain credentials, you will need to select under which organization(s) individuals will be credentialed. At the selected organization(s), you will either need to establish new End User Authorization Contacts (EUAC) or determine which existing EUAC(s) will be utilized.

It is important to follow the steps below in a sequential manner, as each one is dependent upon the successful completion of its predecessor.

NOTE: We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the benefits of electronic submission for all applicable reports. When using the FedLine® Solutions, your organization is obligated to comply with the terms and conditions of Operating Circular 5 (OC 5) and the Certification Practice Statement (CPS). Organizations can request an unlimited number of credentials (FedLine Subscribers) for Reporting Central at no charge. Please ensure that you comply with the FedLine Web Solution minimum hardware and software requirements. For additional information, review the FedLine Web page.

Instructions for Setting Up Reporting Central Access via the FedLine Web Solution

To work through the setup steps listed below, an organization first needs to identify the following:

  • The individuals who will need access to Reporting Central for all reporting with the Federal Reserve.
  • The organization and individuals who will manage electronic access to the Federal Reserve. These individuals are critical to the Reporting Central setup process.

So, the first question is:

Q: Has your organization established FedLine Subscribers for Reporting Central?

  • If so, work with the End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) who managed the access for those Subscribers, and assess if additional Subscribers are needed in order to manage all of your reporting with the Federal Reserve (Step 3).


  • If your organization has not established FedLine Subscribers to access Reporting Central, you need to designate an authorized individual (Step 1) and establish at least two EUACs (Step 2) to manage FedLine and Reporting Central access.

Followed by the second question:

Q: Under which organization will the authorized individual and EUAC be established?

  • Authorized individuals (Step 1) and EUACs (Step 2) can be established under your organization using your own employees.


  • You may be able to use the Affiliate EUAC Setup Option (details below) and proceed to the setup of FedLine Subscribers (Step 3). Please note: if your organization is part of a holding company organization, there may be an entity within the holding company organization that already has EUACs established to manage FedLine access to other Federal Reserve Bank services. You may want to consider leveraging that affiliated entity to manage Reporting Central Subscriber access. Although the affiliated entity manages electronic access, your organization is nevertheless obligated to comply with the terms and conditions of OC 5 and the CPS.

Once Steps 1 and 2 are complete, then your EUAC needs to establish FedLine Subscribers via Step 3.

Steps to Complete

Step 1: Designate Authorized Individuals — Organizations without authorized individuals, EUACs or Subscribers established should begin here.

An authorized individual establishes your organization's authority to engage in business with the Federal Reserve and ensures that instructions are accepted only from those individuals that you authorize for your organization.

NOTE: You are encouraged to have the forms required in Step 1 and Step 2 signed and submitted at the same time if the same authorized individual will be signing each of them.

Step 2: Establish End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs) — Organizations with authorized individuals established, but without EUACs or Subscribers established, should begin here.

An EUAC is responsible for managing FedLine and Reporting Central electronic access. EUACs have the authority to designate individuals (Subscribers) who will submit reports via FedLine Web Solution, and who are critical to the Reporting Central application setup process.

NOTE: Regarding Step 2 and Step 3, if you plan to set up any EUACs and Subscribers who are located outside of the United States or its territories, please contact the Support Center for more information on this process.

Step 3: Set Up New or Make Changes to Existing FedLine Subscribers — Organizations with authorized individuals and EUACs established, but without FedLine Subscribers established, should begin here. EUACs should also review existing Subscribers and request changes, if needed.

Subscribers have responsibility for FedLine credentials, which are required to access the Reporting Central application.

Note: Please ensure that you include your organization's ABA# or CIN# on forms when completing Steps 1, 2 and 3 above. If you do not have an ABA# or a CIN#, please use your organization's RSSD ID.

Step 4: Set Up Report Access — Organizations with authorized individuals, EUACs and FedLine Subscribers established, but without individuals who have report series access established should begin here. Organizations will be contacted and will receive separate instructions to set up access to each report in advance of its transition to Reporting Central.

EUACs at organizations responsible for submitting reports must grant individual report series access to the Reporting Central application for each Subscriber to whom a FedLine credential has been issued. The Federal Reserve Bank Subscriber Access Request Form for Reporting Central (Form RC-1) includes a listing of all reports that are currently available within the Reporting Central application. You can request access for all reports for which your organization is responsible using one form per Subscriber per legal entity. However, you can submit a spreadsheet if a Subscriber needs to request access to submit reports for more than 10 legal entities.

Affiliate EUAC Setup Option

The Affiliate EUAC Setup Option is an alternative to setting up an EUAC within your organization and is your choice, based on how your organization wants to manage FedLine access. Please note the Affiliate EUAC Setup Option is not applicable to Treasury Reports.

If your organization is part of a holding company organization, "affiliate" for this purpose is an entity within the holding company organization that already has EUACs established to manage FedLine access to other Federal Reserve Bank services that your organization has elected to use for managing Reporting Central Subscriber access.

A holding company organization need only establish the EUAC(s) under one of the organizations in its structure. If your organization decides to utilize existing EUAC(s), please notify your local Reporting Central District Contact of your intention.

Diagram showing Holding Company pointing into Non-Bank Subsidiary and Depository Institution (DI)

The diagram above illustrates:

  • Holding Company receives the email notification from the Federal Reserve about establishing access for all report filing with the Federal Reserve
  • Holding Company is obligated to file Regulatory reports
  • DI is obligated to file Deposit report
  • DI already has a FedLine EUAC established to manage access to another Federal Reserve application (e.g., Reserves Central — Reserve Account Administration)

Decision 1: FedLine Subscribers are needed to access Reporting Central to submit the Regulatory reports and Deposit reports. Who are the Subscribers and in which organization are they located (the Holding Company or DI)?

NOTE: An EUAC must be established to manage electronic access and set up Subscribers for FedLine and Reporting Central.

Decision 2: Under which organization should EUACs be established to manage electronic access?

  • Holding Company can establish an EUAC at the Holding Company organization: Executes Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4.


  • Holding Company can leverage the EUAC at the DI to manage electronic access: Executes Step 3 and Step 4.

More Information

The links below provide more information about the Reporting Central application:

We're Here to Help

Please contact your local Reporting Central District Contact with questions regarding electronic submission of financial data and reporting instructions. For assistance with setting up access to the Reporting Central application via the FedLine Web Solution, contact the Federal Reserve's Support Center.

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