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Asked and answered: Common questions from customers

There are a wealth of resources about our products and services here on the® website. However, it can be a challenge to find the right information during the often time-crunched work days.

While representatives in the Support Center are accustomed to fielding these types of inquiries from our customers, the following common questions – with links to the online answers – can help more quickly get to the information and resources you need.

Q: How should my financial institution handle check adjustments?

A: The Check Adjustments Quick Reference Guide is frequently updated with information on service levels, reporting time frames and general requirements for requesting check adjustments through Federal Reserve Financial Services (FRFS). The guide includes information about submitting adjustments requests for Forward Collection and Return Letter items, as well as Government items. Its General Notes section includes general information about Forward Collection and Return Letter error types.

Q: Where can I find information on the timing of FedACH® Services processing?

A: The processing schedule outlines the transmission windows and target distribution times for FedACH Services, including the FedACH SameDay Service. It also states settlement schedules for same day and future dated items. The 2023 holiday schedule for FedACH Services is a useful resource that provides processing times for each holiday observed by FRFS.

Q: What information about my financial institution can I find in the FedPayments® Reporter Service?

A: We offer various reports to financial institutions that use our FedPayments Reporter Service for Check Services and/or FedACH Services. Among other resources on, you can view FedPayments Reporter Service for FedACH Services Report Descriptions and sample ACH reports (PDF).

Q: What is an EUAC and why should I care?

A: Your financial institution’s end user authorization contacts (EUACs) are the primary contact between your organization and the Federal Reserve Banks. They are the only individuals at your institution authorized to manage subscriber access to the services and applications offered via the FedLine® Advantage and FedLine Web® Solutions. Use this EUAC Designation and Authorization form (PDF) to update your institution’s EUACs. The Forms section of includes links to this and other important forms, such as the form to update your institution’s official authorization list (OAL).

Q: Who should I call with a question that is specific to my financial institution?

A: No matter how much valuable information resides on a website, we sometimes just need to “phone a friend.” Use the Contact page to find your financial institution’s customized list of go-to support contacts, including your relationship manager and specific payments service support.