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Watch: A day in the life with instant payments

The FedNow® Service is designed with the flexibility to deliver instant payment capabilities to participating financial institutions based on the unique needs of their customers or members.

Because the service is use-case agnostic, FedNow participants unlock a world of instant payment possibilities. This new video (Off-site) offers a glimpse at real-world use cases and the impact instant payments can have on your customers or members.

The video’s featured use cases highlight a range of different transaction types, including:

  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to business
  • Business-to-business request for payment
  • Person-to-person request for payment
  • Account to account

Whether you’re already live on the FedNow Service or are still honing your instant payment roadmap, this video can help your financial institution determine the benefits of customer-centered instant payment solutions.

What role will your organization play in transforming the instant payments landscape?