Questions to Discuss with Your Vendor

One of the most important first steps you can take on the road to FedReceipt® Daily — Returns implementation is to contact your software vendor. It is critically important that you understand any processing considerations from an operations and platform perspective. Your vendor will be able to help you fully understand what needs to be done to begin receiving your returns electronically.

Below is a short list of questions that can aid you in this vendor discussion.

Learn how ready your vendor is to support your FedReceipt Daily — Returns implementation at this time:

  1. I want to receive my returns electronically from the Fed; can you support that?
  2. Do you currently have any financial institutions in beta or production with your software?

Determine how you will be interacting with your vendor during software implementation and how much time might be involved:

  1. What do I need?
    • Is this a separate module or part of the base product?
    • How difficult is your software to install? Can it be done remotely or does it have to be done on-site?
    • Is training necessary for us to become fully knowledgeable of the software features and functionality?
    • Do you provide on-site or online training?

IRD print capability is key to your success with FedReceipt Daily — Returns and will help you determine your readiness timeline:

  1. Does your software offer IRD print capability?
    • Is it a separate software module?
    • What printers do you support?

To start using this service, visit the FedReceipt® setup page or contact your relationship manager.

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