FedImage® Services

FedImage Services offer financial institutions a suite of image products for the capture, archive and retrieval of your check images. Your institution can tailor these high-performance services to meet your needs and those of your customers. FedImage Services, coupled with other Federal Reserve Bank products, can improve the flow of information you use to make cash management decisions. In addition, you can potentially achieve more efficient accounting and processing functions, enhance your check fraud reduction efforts and increase revenues. Read more about FedImage Services (PDF).

FedImage Services are Composed of Three Interrelated Components

FedImage Capture Service

FedImage Capture Service allows you to have an image capture of all check items presented by the Federal Reserve Banks. These images are available enabling you to improve your check processing, research and return capabilities.

FedImage Archive Service

FedImage Archive Service allows you to store your images in the Federal Reserve Bank’s national image archive for retrieval. Based on your retention requirements, you can choose from a variety of storage length options. Your images are accessible when your research needs arise.

Enhanced FedImage Archive and Storage Services

The enhanced FedImage Archive and Storage Services include:

Dual Archive Service

The Dual Archive Service will allow institutions to have their most recent items (up to 120 days) stored in the FedImage archive prior to moving to the Federal Reserve Banks. Items can be archived for longer than 120 days at a higher fee per item.

Back File Conversion

A paying bank can have images of inclearing items currently stored in another archive moved to the FedImage archive. This service may allow you to clean up or eliminate multiple archives. These items would not be eligible for automated derived return through FedLine® but eligible for manual return by the Federal Reserve Banks if necessary.

Extended RAID Storage Length

This option for RAID storage allows for up to 24 months storage. This expands the date range of items available on home banking through our gateway service and may speed up the retrieval process for research. Images stored in RAID can be accessed via online image statements for financial institutions offering this service to their customers.

FedImage Retrieval Service

FedImage Retrieval Service provides a comprehensive array of options, allowing you to view, print, fax or e-mail items stored in the national archive. Based on your specific needs, you can choose from various methods to request retrievals, including Web-based access.

Discover how FedImage Services can benefit your financial institution

  • Allow you to access your check images within hours of capture
  • Allow access anytime, anywhere to your images that are captured by any of the Federal Reserve Bank offices
  • Provide you with an image management solution without significant capital expenditures or technology risk
  • Enhance your check fraud reduction efforts, minimizing your risk by providing access to images earlier in the process

To start using this service, visit the FedImage setup page or contact your relationship manager.

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