FedCash® Access Manager

FedCash Access Manager offers flexibility and self-service control of FedCash Services for your organization. In managing your FedCash Services via FedLine Web®, you can assign staff to one of three access levels: Administrator, Subscriber and Read-only.

Distinct access levels offer valuable flexibility and control:

Administrator Access Level

  • Easy-to-use menus for managing endpoint assignments to Subscribers
  • Greater customization in managing Subscriber access rights, including restrictive access and endpoint assignments
  • Ability to create groups of endpoints to assign to staff
  • Availability of detailed audit reports showing specific Administrator actions and Subscriber assignments
  • Availability of reports providing historical Subscriber order activity detail

Subscriber Access Level

  • Ability to easily and quickly place orders for your organization's cash needs
  • Conveniently submit deposit notifications
  • Ability to access cross-shipping reports and electronic deposit differences

Read-only Access Level

  • Subscriber access to reports and information, but no ability to place cash transactions

Discover the Benefits of FedCash Access Manager

  • Supports business continuity planning by facilitating the creation of back-up ordering arrangements
  • Delivers greater control over Subscribers' ordering access and usage
  • Enables endpoint-specific order limit alerts
  • Enables periodic reviews of Subscriber access setup and usage

Discover the Benefits of the FedCash Access Manager Administrator Access Level

  • Delivers greater control over Subscribers' ordering access and usage with the ability to:
    • Set order limits by total cash order and/or denomination for each endpoint
    • Create custom groups of endpoints based on operational need to help organize and manage cash ordering responsibilities, such as ATM ordering
    • Restrict Subscriber ordering access on behalf of any combination or group of endpoints
    • Restrict Subscriber viewing options on behalf of any combination or group of endpoints
  • Provides access to detailed information with the ability to view all transaction and administrative reports
  • Allows easy updates to bank profile and contact information
  • Supports good security practices by facilitating periodic review of Subscriber access rights

Access Easy-to-use Online Tools to Determine if FedCash Access Manager is Right for your Organization

Take control of your organization's Subscriber access today. To start using this service, visit the FedCash Access Manager Roadmap, which contains step-by-step setup instructions based on your current service level, or consult your local FedCash Services contact.

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