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Check 21-Enabled Services

Helps mitigate payments risk through reporting capabilities for checks processed by the Federal Reserve Banks. Receiving check return information earlier in the day allows your institution to put holds on accounts and reduce the risk of funds not being available.

Provides early notification of returns while fulfilling the Regulation CC requirement that the payor bank provide notice to the depositary bank of nonpayment of all returns in the amount of $5,000 or more

Allows you to elect to receive early delivery (between 7-11:00 p.m.) of your first forward FedReceipt® Daily file of the processing day, enabling you to speed settlement of checks and identify returns and fraudulent items much earlier in order to initiate returns sooner

Provides you the opportunity as a bank of first deposit (BOFD) to receive some of your incoming returns earlier than you do today, which may help address the risk of releasing funds before a returned item is received

Offers noon ET FedForward® and 12:30 p.m. ET FedReturn® deposit deadlines so you can deposit items with us later in the processing day than you previously could, potentially accelerating the clearing/return of items

Offers subscribed banks of first deposit (BOFDs) early notice of potential duplicate checks processed by the Federal Reserve Banks that were deposited by your BOFD or by any other BOFD on the current day or previous 60 calendar days.

FedACH® Services

Provides near real-time notice for file and batch level information with custom alerts including notification of problematic originators, SEC codes or high dollar events

Allows secondary review/management of ACH payment batches and dual control for processing limits by an area outside of the operations area post file submission to the FedACH network

Expedites returns late in the day to minimize risk of same day credit extension on ACH debits

Industry Resources

Addresses highly fluid compliance topics, policies and procedures to aid in planned prevention and response to fraud

Provides links to information focusing on the characteristics of early notification and alerts so that transactions can be more easily identified and accessed in your efforts to address risk, fraud and compliance needs

Provide payments education, publications, and support

Addresses topics such as reducing payment fraud and advancing the safety, security and resiliency of the payment system