Business Banking Toolbox

My institution serves medium to large commercial and corporate clients

As a Treasury or Cash Management expert, you are in the business of serving some of your institution’s most important clients.

The Federal Reserve Banks provide a variety of products to assist you in improving efficiencies for your clients, recognizing risk for your financial institution and your clients, and growing revenue in your unit.

Below are some common business banking concerns. Do any of these sound familiar to you? If so, follow the links to review potential service options available through the Federal Reserve Banks.

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ACH origination is probably one of your main services for your corporate and business banking clients. Are you taking advantage of product offerings as well as proactively providing payment data to your clients?

  • Learn more about ACH services
    • Alerts for Return Items or Notifications of Change (NOCs) entries
    • Automated Summary and Detail Remittance Reports for Addenda/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • Automated ACH Alerts
    • Payment Data Information File – Straight-through Processing for Forward and Return items (STP)
    • ACH Received Entries Detail Report (daily, weekly, monthly)
    • Same Day ACH
    • ACH International Report
    • ACH Originated Batch/Entries Detail Reports (PDF)

Would you like to provide your clients with a daily, weekly or monthly listing of key information related to their wire transactions? Check out our customer dashboard of wire activity.

Do you want to help your corporate clients better manage their daily cash position? Would you like to expedite collection of some high dollar checks to help reduce fraud exposure?

  • Learn more about check services
    • Controlled Disbursement
    • Expedited Check Deposits
    • Accelerated Return Knowledge
    • Accelerated Check Presentment
    • Sweep Accounts

Do you want to proactively notify your commercial clients of incoming ACH entries, in particular those that could bear greater risk such as high-dollar debits or WEB and TEL entries? Are you offering straight-through processing (STP)?

  • Learn more about ACH services
    • Automated ACH Alerts
    • Automated Alerts for Return Items and Notifications of Change (NOCs)
    • ACH Received Entries Detail Report (daily, weekly, monthly)
    • Straight-through Processing – forward and return items (STP)

Are you interested in separating check clearing from your clients’ main accounts to protect their working accounts?

Risk monitoring and KYC information is critical to your institution and to the protection of your clients. Are you proactively managing known risks for your commercial clients? Are you interested in adding another layer of risk monitoring to your process?

  • Learn more about ACH services
    • ACH Risk Monitoring
    • Alert of Potential Risks for a Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI)
    • Know Your Customer Tools
      • Return Ratio Report
      • SEC Code Report
      • ACH Received Entries Detail Report (daily, weekly, monthly)
      • ACH Originated Batch/Entries Detail Report

Do you have an easy way to recognize changes in your clients’ wire activities?

Do you want to speed up check clearing to reduce risk?

Are you interested in expediting receipt of returns to help protect your commercial clients and your institution?

Note: A dollar sign at the end of a service description indicates the service may provide a revenue-generating opportunity depending on whether your institution chooses to charge fees for provision of such services. Charging a fee is strictly a business decision for your institution, and the revenue opportunity section is provided for general information only.