FedLine Web® and FedLine Advantage® End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) Service Descriptions

FedLine Web®

FedLine Web service descriptions
Application Description
Account Management Information Service provides the ability to see real-time Account Balance, Daylight Overdraft Balance and Available Funds Balance information; Daylight Overdraft Reports, collateral, memo post and net debit cap totals; and monthly service charge information. There are two available access levels: Restricted and Non-Restricted. Both access levels provide access to all functions and features of the application. However, the Non-Restricted access level provides information that participants may consider sensitive, including Available Funds Balance, as well as Daylight Overdraft Reporting and Pricing System (DORPS), collateral, memo post and net debit cap totals. Participants should only request one access level, and if there are any questions about the appropriate access level options, please contact Accounting Services Customer Support.
Check Services Check Services include: Check Adjustments, FedImage® Services, Check 21 Services and Large Dollar Return Item Notification.
Discount Window Direct Service provides the ability to electronically request a loan from the Discount Window and message with Discount Window staff.
FedACH Exception Resolution Service Service enables financial institutions to manage Automated Clearing House (ACH) exception cases in an efficient and secure manner. The service gives financial institutions the capability to open, view, respond and track cases.
FedACH Risk® Origination Monitoring Services Service provides the ability to monitor batches by either Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) routing transit number (RTN) or ODFI RTN and associated Company ID. Service also provides the ability to set batch management criteria and release/reject batches pended by the service for exceeding criteria parameters.
FedACH® Services - Information Services
(Including Derive Returns, NOCs and FedPayments® Reporter)
Services provide access to information about FedACH transactions including settlement, file, batch, item and customer profile data. Several features provide participants with time-critical information for the current processing day as well as the 10 previous processing days. Information is also available for participants to view selected information on return activity. The Derive Returns and Notification of Change (NOC) feature of Information Services provides the ability for Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFIs) to derive a return, NOC, dishonored or contested dishonored return item from the FedACH database. Receiving Points (RPs) may also derive returns and NOCs on behalf of their RDFIs. Return items are available for the previous two years. NOC’s are available for the previous 60 business days.
FedCash® Services
(including Custodial Inventory, Extended Custodial Inventory, Country Flow Reporting and Deposit Notification Only)
Services provide participants the ability to order currency and coin, to enter deposit notifications and to order cash supplies. Provide custodial inventory participants the ability to report their vault holdings and payments to their customers.
FedPayments® Insights Service Service allows customers to interact with their FedACH® data in a dynamic user interface to easily review daily and historical trends.
Reporting Central Allows users to submit regulatory and statistical reports to the Federal Reserve manually or via a file upload. It also offers users the ability to submit data for multiple institutions and confirms receipt.
Reserves Central - Reserve Account Administration Provides the ability to access reserve requirement and position information. It also includes reservable liabilities calculated from the FR 2900 and close-of-business account balances.
Reserves Central - Term Deposit Facility Program through which the Federal Reserve Banks offer interest-bearing term deposits to eligible institutions. A term deposit is a deposit with a specific maturity date. Offerings under the term deposit facility will be either auctioned offerings or fixed-rate offerings.

FedLine Advantage®

Includes all FedLine Web services listed above and access to the Connection Management Center (CMC). The CMC provides the ability to manage Virtual Private Network (VPN) devices.
Application Description
FedACH Services - File Processing FedACH File Processing (via FedLine Advantage) includes the following access levels: 1) Approve Files Only; 2) Send and Receive Files Only; 3) Send, Receive and Approve All Files.
FedNow® Service Service enables access to the FedNow interface, a web-based authenticated tool for participants to manage their FedNow interface Authorized Connection Profile and Participant Profile to change settings and access reports related to the FedNow Service.
FedPayments Manager for Fedwire® Services - Funds Service provides participants the ability to prepare and submit payment messages and other requests to the Fedwire Funds Service for processing.
FedPayments Manager for Fedwire Services - Securities Service provides participants the ability to prepare and submit securities transfer messages and other requests to the Fedwire Securities Service for processing.
FedPayments Manager for the National Settlement Service Service enables settlement agents to create or import settlement files, to update and verify those files and to submit those files to the National Settlement Service for processing. The FedPayments Manager tool will also enable settlement agents to view settlement arrangement profiles, to view settlement files that they have submitted either on the current processing day or on prior days and to issue "retry" or "cancel" instructions for files they have submitted to the National Settlement Service but that have encountered processing exceptions.
Information Central Services (including FedTransaction Analyzer®) Service provides the ability to automate and standardize after-the-fact analysis of payment transactions. Subscribers have access to a historical transaction database and may set their own dollar thresholds and time periods for analyzing payments activity and identifying potential outliers for follow-up purposes.

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