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Payment Trending and Benchmarking

Reach out to your account executive for more information on any of these services or request (Off-site) that your account executive contact you.

FedACH® Services

FedPayments® Reporter Service

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This report provides summary level information for originated and received entries processed via FedACH® Services for the specified ABA. This may be helpful to view the information across multiple RTNs and multiple months.

This report shows credit and debit dollar totals, entry counts and addenda counts by each SEC code for originated and received entries processed via FedACH® Services for the specified ABA. The report can also be generated on demand for any one of the previous three months or for current month-to-date information.

This report provides selected key information for received entries for the entire RDFI ABA and the information for a specified receiver. The report can be automatically generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Fedwire® Funds Services

Allows analysis and trending reporting by providing a data warehouse of wire transaction information (up to the past 7 years) for Fedwire Funds Service transactions sent or received

Industry Resources

Provides relevant information and education on current risk and anti-fraud efforts from this anti-fraud professional organization

Establishes auditing standards that shape and influence best practices in risk and compliance including management trending and benchmarking

Provides a wide variety of information relevant to your payments trending and benchmarking efforts

Provides payments stakeholders with insights to important information in fraud and payment scams to aid in understanding the needs for prepayment submission and credit/fraud risk planning

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