Business Banking Toolbox

Wire Services

  • Provides invaluable and historical Fedwire® Funds Service transaction data and graphs for chosen timeframes, up to seven years
  • Provides you and your clients with enhanced visibility and insight into their wire payments, while reducing the need for costly customized systems
  • Provides flexible and dynamic Excel® spreadsheet search features and detail-level information for increased efficiency and simplified processes
  • Helps keep commercial client senior management appraised of large dollar wire transactions
  • Streamlines the process of performing after-the-fact analysis on your wire transactions, saving you and your staff time in completing these critical tasks
  • Provides cost-effective, streamlined data collection for reporting purposes
  • Easily retrieve incoming and outgoing wire activity in a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet format
  • Recognize the activity history of your business customers
  • Utilize Excel spreadsheet functionality and preformatted reports to sort by dollar amount, receiver, originator of the wire, etc.

Ask your relationship manager about the FedTransaction Analyzer® tool.

  • Provides basic routing information for Fedwire Funds, Fedwire Securities, and FedACH® transactions
  • Synchronizes with the Fedwire and FedACH databases daily
  • Provided as a service to financial institutions to process and settle transactions efficiently
  • The file can be saved and imported into spreadsheet or database management software to assist with processing efficiency

Ask your relationship manager about the E-Payments Routing Directory.

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