2024 Fedwire® Funds Service Volume-Based Pricing

Pre-incentive and Incentive Discounts Explained

Pre-Incentive Discounts are discounts for transactions exceeding certain absolute volume thresholds each calendar month. Incentive Discounts provide additional per-item price reductions for current-month volume that exceeds designated historical volume benchmarks for each customer. Incentive Discounts are designed to provide a price reduction available to all customers, regardless of size, layered on top of Pre-Incentive Discounts.

Here's how it works

Step 1: All transfers originated or received by a customer via its master account and any related subaccounts, are charged the pre-discount gross transfer fee of $0.94.

Step 2: Then, "Pre-incentive" Discounts are calculated based on absolute monthly volume for a given master account family.

Pre-incentive discounts
Discount Volume
Pre-incentive Tier 1 discount None: The first 14,000 transfers per calendar month are not eligible for a pre-incentive discount.
Pre-incentive Tier 2 discount Sixty-five cents: All transfers from 14,001 to 90,000 per calendar month are discounted $0.65 for a net pre-incentive price of $0.29.
Pre-incentive Tier 3 discount Seventy-five cents: All transfers over 90,000 per calendar month are discounted $0.75 for a net pre-incentive price of $0.19.

Step 3: Finally, Incentive Discounts are awarded based on current-month volume compared to the historic benchmark volumeFootnote 1 (as reported in product code 10025 on the Billing Statement).

Incentive discounts
Discount Volume
No Incentive Discount No incentive discount is available for current monthly volume equal to or less than 60% of the historic benchmark volume.
Incentive Discount An additional 80% discount is applied to current month volume over 60% of the historic benchmark volume.

Pre-Incentive and Incentive Discount Example: If a customer's historic benchmark volume is 100,000 transfers per month, that customer would qualify for Pre-incentive Discounts as per step 2 above, plus an additional 80% discount on each current-month transfer exceeding 60,000 transfers.

1Incentive discounts are applied to every transfer over 60 percent of a customer's historic benchmark volume. Historic benchmark volume in any given month is calculated by multiplying the number of business days in the current month by the historic daily average volume passing through a customer's master account (combined to include all subaccounts) in the past five calendar years. Historic daily average volume is the simple average of the daily average volume in each of the past five fully completed calendar years. If fewer than five fully completed calendar years of data are available for a particular customer, then the historic average is calculated based on the number of years available. If no prior full calendar years are available, then the historic benchmark volume is set equal to the current-month volume.

Effective January 2, 2024

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