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Take a closer look at risk.

FedACH Risk® Management Services

The Federal Reserve Banks strongly encourage every depository financial institution to make effective risk management a top priority. Request that we contact you (Off-site) regarding your interest in FedACH Risk Management Services. Explore the benefits to your institution by checking out the product pages:

FedACH Risk Origination Monitoring Service

Offers originating depository financial institutions (ODFIs) enhanced control, flexibility and automated ease in monitoring ACH risk, regardless of the network entry point or your ACH software.

FedACH Risk RDFI Alert Service

Provides notice of unusual conditions within a Receiving Depository Financial Institution’s (RDFI’s) incoming FedACH batches and/or files and/or within the institution’s receiver’s items. Helps alert the RDFI and its receivers to potential fraud attempts and/or significant origination errors.

FedACH Risk Returns Reporting Service

Enables ODFIs to produce reports of returns by originator for a single day or up to 10-day processing days within the previous 60 business days.

Easy Activation Steps

  1. One easy way to activate these services is to attend a complimentary FedACH Risk Activation Teleseminar. During this teleseminar, we will provide an overview of the process for activating your institution’s access to FedACH Risk Management Services. Register online here.

  2. Complete the appropriate sign-up forms and, if appropriate, obtain the special subscriber credentials required for the FedACH Risk Origination Monitoring Service.

    • Fill out the appropriate sections of the FedACH® Participation Agreement:
    • For your convenience, links directly to the appropriate parts of the FedACH Participation Agreement are provided below. A person on your institution’s Official Authorization List (OAL) must sign these forms.
    • Additionally, for the FedACH Origination Risk Monitoring Service, an End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) should submit a Subscriber request via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home. Although you may already be using one of our FedLine Solutions, adding or modifying services can change your access requirements. The FedACH Risk Origination Monitoring Service requires service-specific access credentials. You have a choice of several types of access levels. It is critical that your organization have credentialed staff members assigned the role of releasing or rejecting any batches that pend once management criteria for the service are in place. Please note that if you elect to assign the dual control role for setting and editing criteria, you must have a minimum of two staff members assigned this access level.

  3. Set your monitoring criteria. Reference the "Getting Started Guide for Setting Monitoring Criteria (PDF)" for help with determining approaches for your institution. Reference the "FedACH Risk Origination Monitoring Service Setting Criteria Handbook (PDF)" or the “FedACH Risk RDFI Alert Service Setting Criteria Handbook (PDF)” for step-by-step instructions and tips on entering monitoring criteria into the FedLine access solution screens for the Risk Origination Monitoring Service and for the RDFI Alert Service. You can also ask your account executive to request onboarding support for you.

Learn More provides you with a variety of helpful information about FedACH services including the FedACH Risk Management Services. Links to some useful resources are provided below.

Email your completed agreements to

For more information about FedACH Risk Management Services, contact your account executive or use Find Your Contacts for a list of service and support contacts who can assist you.

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