FedCash® Services via the FedLine Web® Access Solution

The Federal Reserve Banks have harnessed the power of the Internet to provide a convenient and robust option for delivering FedCash Services. FedLine Web enables you to quickly perform day–to–day functions such as placing orders for currency, coin and supplies, sending deposit notifications in one simple session, as well as managing custodial inventory and coin terminal operations. Nationwide service provides further convenience of ordering for endpoints in multiple Federal Reserve Districts during that same session if desired. Convenient drop-down menus provide alternatives to data entry, while historical reports provide “drilldown” capabilities allowing you to view transaction detail as needed. FedLine Web also offers three unique solutions that can help improve your operations management:

FedCash Access Manager

FedCash Access Manager helps organizations manage their cash orders and mitigate risk with improved Subscriber controls and greater visibility into transaction detail.

FedCash Cross-shipping Reports

FedCash cross-shipping reports provide access to detailed cross-shipping information online and can help your organization monitor and manage cross-shipping activity to potentially avoid associated fees.

FedCash File Upload

FedCash File Upload provides an efficient alternative to manual entries by allowing your organization to submit cash orders and deposit notifications via an electronic file formatted in Extensible Markup Language (XML).

FedCash Deposit Difference Reports (Currently in the implementation status)

FedCash Deposit Difference Reports via the FedLine Web access solution enables your organization to access deposit differences and strap images electronically, replacing today's mailed paper differences. The Federal Reserve is in process of rolling out the FedCash Deposit Difference Reports to DIs in waves, and will communicate to each wave of customers when it is their time to adopt the new functionality.

Access is at the power of your fingertips

You can access FedCash Services via FedLine Web using a FedLine® security token and passphrase from virtually any Internet-connected PC. This valuable service is easy to use, saves time with data entry, simplifies cross-district ordering and delivers detailed historical information to help you manage your cash business, all with no user fees or setup fees for individuals who use only FedCash Services via FedLine Web.

Discover the benefits of FedCash Services via FedLine Web

  • Provides an easy to use free* solution for robust FedCash Services offerings
  • Delivers convenience and flexibility for ordering coin and currency
  • Enables easy cross-zone ordering
  • Allows quick viewing of transaction details and helps validate the accuracy of information with printable confirmations and reports
  • Offers a more secure, expedient and streamlined delivery of Cash Difference Advices and associated strap images
  • Provides the ability to implement greater controls and better manage risk with multiple access levels
  • Delivers access to detailed cross-shipping information allowing greater management of potential fee impact
  • Provides timely, knowledgeable and friendly customer service and support

Read what customers say about the service

“FedLine® is an innovative product that uses a Web browser platform. It frees up our phone line and is very intuitive to use. Our procedures for cross-training at Navy Federal, the world’s largest credit union, are simplified as a result. We now work from one piece of paper rather than a large binder.”

– Darleen Brumley, Investment Analyst, Navy Federal Credit Union

“It has been absolutely wonderful. It’s so quick! I don’t have to wait in line anymore to get on the FedLine terminal; I just do it right from my desktop. Being able to order currency and coin from one screen is quite handy, too. And there haven’t been any problems whatsoever.”

– Bonnie Moore, Operations Specialist, Ohio Savings Bank

Access Easy-to-Use Online Tools to determine if FedCash Services via FedLine Web is right for your organization

To start using this service, visit FedLine Web Setup, which contains step-by-step set up information and forms to help you get started or consult your local FedCash Services contact.

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* The FedLine Web access solution is provided at no charge if your organization only subscribes to FedCash Services.