FedACH® Services Offerings

The FedACH Services product suite provides financial institutions with efficient, low-cost batched payment services that enable an electronic exchange of debit and credit transactions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. The suite includes a wide range of easy-to-use transaction and information services that conveniently and seamlessly integrate with all Federal Reserve Financial Services and offer a variety of access and connectivity options. Learn about the benefits by viewing the FedACH Services Product Sheet (PDF).

FedACH Origination and Receipt

The core services for clearing ACH payments provide scheduled and on-demand file delivery, 14 different sort options and the flexibility to prioritize and route specified files to your institution or processor.

FedACH Risk® Management Services

A suite of risk management services provide depository financial institutions with tools to help mitigate ACH risk.

FedACH Risk Origination Monitoring Service

Offers originating depository financial institutions (ODFIs) enhanced control, flexibility and automated ease in monitoring ACH risk, regardless of the network entry point or your ACH software.

FedACH Risk RDFI Alert Service

Provides notice of unusual conditions within a Receiving Depository Financial Institution’s (RDFI’s) incoming FedACH batches and/or files and/or within the institution’s receiver’s items. Helps alert the RDFI and its receivers to potential fraud attempts and/or significant origination errors.

FedACH Risk Returns Reporting Service

Enables ODFIs to produce reports of returns by originator for a single day or up to 10-day processing days within the previous 60 business days.

FedGlobal® ACH Payments

Easily accessible and cost-effective way to electronically send international transactions via the same process used to send domestic ACH transactions.

FedPayments® Reporter Service

Available via the FedLine Web or FedLine Advantage access solutions, the FedPayments Reporter Service enables financial institutions to automatically search ACH files for valuable ACH information such as return items, DNE entries, IAT transactions and financial EDI messages including health care remittance reassociation trace numbers, convert this data into human-readable reports, then distribute this information within their institutions or out to their business customers including health care providers. The service's reports on financial EDI messages can help customers match ACH payments to documentation, such as invoices or payroll records.

FedACH Information File Service

Provides the subscribing financial institution with an information-only copy of the FedACH file delivered to the financial institution's processor. This file can be used to automatically create return item and NOC transactions.

FedACH SameDay Service

Enables processing, editing, distribution and settlement of virtually any ACH payment during the current processing day as provided for by the ACH Rules. Refer to NACHA’s site for details on the phased implementation of the Same Day ACH rule.


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