FedMail is a cost-effective electronic messaging system used to transmit information via fax or email from the Federal Reserve Banks to depository financial institutions and other subscribing organizations. FedMail provides same-day, and in some cases, real-time delivery of statements, information and alerts from a number of Federal Reserve Service areas.

Discover how FedMail can benefit your organization

  • Provides same-day or real-time delivery of statements, information or alerts
  • Pushes communication right to your email inbox or fax number and complements information also available through our FedLine® access solutions
  • Offers multiple email address delivery, including shared email accounts
  • Works with your choice of formatting options, including TXT and HTML
  • Provides flexibility to receive information in the body of the email or as an attachment
  • Email option eliminates intensive paper distribution to staff members and allows for subsequent forwarding to others
  • Complimentary contingency method for some FedLine Web applications
  • Enables you to receive information directly instead of having to contact your processor or correspondent

Information currently available via FedMail includes:

  • Check 21 Duplicate Notification Service
  • Check 21 FedForward/Returns Report (ACKS/NACKS) - Production and Pre-Production
  • Check Adjustment Messages
  • Daily Accounting Statements
  • Daylight Overdraft
  • FedACH® Advices
  • FedCash® Services Deposit Difference Advices
  • Fedwire® Funds Advices
  • Fedwire Securities Reports and Advices
  • Government Agency and Financial Institution Pledge Activity and Holdings Reports
  • Monthly Billing Summary Statement of Service Charge
  • Treasury ACH and Check Reclamations and Reports

To start using this service, visit FedMail Setup or contact your account executive.

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