FedLine Advantage®

The FedLine Advantage access solution offers flexible and convenient electronic access to information services as well as critical payment services, such as Fedwire® Funds Service, Fedwire Securities Service, National Settlement Service and FedACH® file processing services. Your organization can customize FedLine Advantage based on the number of users, estimated volume, desired access speeds, networking preference and even the structure of your operations. To see a full list of available services, view the 2017 FedLine Access Solutions Services Comparison Matrix (PDF).

Use the FedLine Advantage access solution to connect with confidence

  • Leverages state-of-art technology to design and deliver highly secure and reliable services for this attended system.
  • Expands your network reach by connecting you with over 110,000 Subscribers at nearly 10,000 financial institutions.
  • Allows you to control the level of access for any individual in your institution to provide personalized, quick and efficient access to those services for which a user is authorized.
  • Provides a user-friendly browser interface with the look and feel of common Internet applications.
  • Offers online help with an index of topics, a glossary of definitions and tools to answer questions about how the system works.
  • Delivers online "alerts" and other important messages.

Find out what customers say about the service

“FedLine Advantage plays a vital role in many services that we offer our corporate customers.”

Lamar Doolittle, Chief Information Officer, The Geo. D. Warthen Bank
Watch our video to learn how a secondary FedLine Advantage Virtual Private Network (VPN) helped provide uninterrupted access to the FedLine Advantage access solution during an Internet Service Provider (ISP) outage.

For more information, review the summary (PDF) of services available via the FedLine Advantage access solution packages and the FedLine Advantage product sheet (PDF). To start using this service, visit FedLine Advantage Setup or contact your account executive.

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