2017 Check Service Fees
Including Endpoint/Tier Listings and Availability Schedules

The following Federal Reserve Financial Service fees provide you with the information you need to price our services or reconcile your bill. If you have any questions related to these fees, please contact your account executive. For questions related to your bill, please look up your account services contact in My FedDirectory®.

Check 21 Enabled Services–FedForward®, FedReturn® and FedReceipt®

FedImage® and Electronic Check Services

Provides financial institutions with earlier access to check data contained in your incoming cash letters through FedImage Services, MICR Products and Presentment Point Services.

Paper Check Services

Check Forward and Return Schedules
(Includes Canadian and Foreign Check Service Information)

Key to Routing Numbers Table

Mailing Address for Foreign Check, Canadian Check and Separately Sorted Savings Bonds

Mailing address detail for the handling of Foreign Items, Canadian Items and Separately Sorted Savings Bonds:

For more information about Check, visit the service offerings pages or contact your account executive.

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Effective January 3, 2017