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FedACH® Platform Modernization Resource Center

The Federal Reserve Banks are modernizing the platform we use to support ACH processing services. This resource center presents information about the upcoming technology modernization and the impact on FedACH® Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated as of June 30, 2020

The Federal Reserve Banks are committed to providing the answers and information you need during our Automated Clearing House (ACH) modernization effort. The answers to many of our customers' most frequently asked questions can be found using the links below.

If your question is not answered by the information provided on the site, please check back periodically as we will continue to update this page throughout the modernization effort. Also, the Contact page provides a comprehensive list of service and support contacts that can assist you.

  1. What is the FedACH Platform Modernization Project?

    The Federal Reserve Banks are modernizing the platform we use to support ACH processing services by making a strategic investment in newer technology to ensure the continuing efficiency and business value of FedACH Services.

  2. Why is the Federal Reserve modernizing their FedACH platform?

    As the payments landscape continues to evolve toward faster and more secure processing, it is essential for us to take steps now to modernize our FedACH processing platform. We are designing a more distributed processing infrastructure that will allow more flexibility and scalability.

  3. When will the transition to this new platform take place?

    The implementation date for the new processing system will be announced a minimum of 30 days advanced of the implementation.

  4. Will my financial institution need to test?

    The following groups will be encouraged to test with the Federal Reserve Banks:

    • All financial institutions that send and receive files directly to or from the FedACH processing system
    • Processors and financial institutions that send and receive files on behalf of other financial institutions

    Customer testing will be conducted in waves beginning in August 2020. Customers will be notified of testing opportunities and requirements well in advance of their testing window.

  5. How will I be informed of project activities such as testing and transition schedules?

    Project updates will be communicated on the Communications page and this resource center.

  6. Will a freeze period be implemented during the project?

    As the transition date approaches, a customer change freeze period may be implemented. In the event of a freeze, financial institutions will be provided details in advance of the start of the freeze period.

  7. Whom do I contact if I have questions related to the project?

    FedACH and Check Services Customer Support are available to assist with any questions related to this project.


If you have questions, please contact FedACH and Check Services Customer Support at P: (877) 372-2457.

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