Account Management Information for Seven-Day Accounting Resource Center

The Account Management Information (AMI) application and Accounting Information Services (AIS) are being updated to support seven-day accounting activities. The daily Statement of Account, Financial Institution Reconcilement Data (FIRD) and Statement of Account Spreadsheet File (SASF) will be available daily, including weekends and holidays. Additionally, enhancements will be made to the AMI application.

We will periodically update this resource center with detailed information, including testing and training opportunities throughout implementation.

What is changing?

  • The end-of-day accounting statements and files will be available seven days a week via the AMI application, the FedLine Direct® Solution and the FedLine Command® Solution, and FedMail®, if applicable.
  • The Total Future Record lines have been updated on the FIRD and IDAY data files to include all calendar dates. As it does today, a future total line will not be created for that series of dates if no futures are available for that line. Please note that future dated transactions will continue to only be processed and made available on standard business days.
  • Interest calculations will occur every calendar day. Interest on reserve balances is calculated on the End of Day balance maintained in an account on that day and credited to a depository institution’s account at the Federal Reserve one business day after the end of a maintenance period.

What is not changing?

  • The Monthly Statement of Service Charges and Service Charges Reconcilement Data (SCRD) File will continue to be available on the fourth standard Business Day of the month via the AMI application, the FedLine Direct Solution and the FedLine Command Solution, and FedMail, if applicable.
  • The IDAY and CMS Plus files will continue to be available on standard business days only.

Key Terms

Standard Business Day
Monday – Friday, excluding Federal Reserve Holidays
Non-Standard Business Day1
Saturday – Sunday, including Federal Reserve Holidays
Business Day
Federal Reserve accounting cycle date, standard and non-standard business days

Training Information

Educational resources for AMI will be updated and available for Subscribers within FedLine® Home.

Testing Information

We strongly encourage you to test and make changes in your backend applications accordingly. Testing opportunities in the AMI Depository Institution Test (DIT) environment will be available in May 2023. More information will be communicated and provided in this resource center.

Additional Resources

For a full summary of changes to AMI, view the Notice of Change (PDF) document.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Federal Reserve Banks will regularly update the Frequently Asked Questions page with details about this effort.


1AMI will be available by 2:00 PM ET on non-standard business days.