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Account Services Service Charge Information Integration into Account Management Information Resource Center


On October 5, 2016 the Federal Reserve Banks integrated Service Charge Information (SCI) into the Account Management Information (AMI) application to better meet your billing requirements and improve your overall experience. Enhancements were also made to the monthly Statement of Services Charges and Billing data files.

Detailed information related to various aspects of this project is included below. We encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference.

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with efficient, high-quality payments services.

Customer Communications

Accounting Information Services (AIS) Notice of Upcoming Changes

Overview of Changes

AMI Application

  • Monthly Billing Statements, activity and data files will transition to the AMI application from the SCI application. This change will provide you:
    • Access to drill down capabilities from the Service Area summary totals to individual Product Code totals
    • Flexible search capabilities to view and/or download details at the service date level; download feature allows you to easily open your search results in spreadsheet format
    • Access to three months of Billing Statements in PDF format and Data file in machine readable format
  • Top Tier, Second Tier and Lowest Tier terminology will replace Correspondent and Subaccount/Respondent terminology in the download option

Monthly Statement of Service Charges

  • Will be generated in Adobe Acrobat PDF format in AMI
    • Master Accounts  will automatically receive a statement in AMI
    • Non Account holders will be able subscribe to receive a statement (no action is needed if you already receive a monthly Statement of Service Charges)
    • You can also subscribe to receive a print image via the FedMail® Service (Note: PDF will no longer be available via FedMail)

  • Reference to Clearing Balances and Earned Credits will be eliminated
  • Monthly service fee activity for Other Secondary RTNs (OSRTNs) will be segregated from Respondent activity, and appear in a section on the monthly statement
  • Terminology changes and other miscellaneous changes will be made

Service Charges Presented on the Daily Statement of Account

  • Service Charges will be presented on your daily Statement of Account by RTN (Primary, Subaccount, OSRTN, and Respondent) under a new Standard Transaction Code (8501), "Federal Reserve Service Charges."

Billing Data File Format

  • Formatting changes will be made and a draft format document will be available upon request beginning in March 2016
  • Billing data files will be available in AMI and via the FedLine Direct® or FedLine Command® access solution
  • Data files will contain service charges for the Primary RTN, Secondary RTNs and Respondents that settle to the Primary RTN for the subscribing institution

Action Required

This transition will require all SCI Subscribers to have access to AMI in order to continue accessing Billing statements via the FedLine Web® access solution. There are currently two AMI access levels: Restricted and Non-Restricted. Both access levels provide access to most of the AMI features. However, users with the Restricted access level will not have access to the Collateral Reporting Service, ex-post Daylight Overdraft reports, and to some information customers may consider sensitive, such as memo post, net debit cap, and collateralized capacity totals on the View Daylight Overdraft Balance Activity and View Available Funds Balance Activity screens.

Both AMI access levels will provide access to the monthly Billing information and statements.

Action Required by EUACs

  • Identify SCI-only-Subscribers that will need to add an AMI access level within your organization. Subscribers can be found in the Subscriber and Roles Report, which can be downloaded in the EUAC Center via FedLine® Home.
  • SCI-only Subscribers will require an AMI access level to continue accessing billing information and/or statements through the FedLine Web® access solution. A separate communication will be provided to organizations that have SCI-only Subscribers.
  • Determine whether these Subscribers should have access to AMI or if they should receive a monthly Statement of Service Charges through the FedMail® Service.
  • If Yes, all SCI-only Subscribers should have the AMI Restricted access level
    • Yes. Add the AMI Restricted role to the credential for all SCI Subscribers without AMI access.
      • No further action is required. 
      • An EUAC within your organization will receive a courtesy phone call from the Customer Contact Center (CCC) confirming when the change will be made. Once the AMI Restricted access level is added to the credential of SCI-only Subscribers, the EUAC will receive an email for each Subscriber whose credential was modified confirming the change was made. Additionally, access changes are viewable in the Event Tracker and Subscriber and Roles reports in the EUAC Center via FedLine® Home.


  • If No, not all SCI-only Subscribers should have the AMI Restricted access level:
    • You should remove the SCI access. A communication will be distributed to your organization’s EUACs prompting them to take this action.
    • If you would like SCI Subscribers in your organization to have the AMI non-Restricted access level, an EUAC will need to add this access level to their credential by submitting a Subscriber request via the EUAC Center. This can be done at any time.
    • If subscribers only need a copy of the monthly Summary Statement of Service Charges, you will need to remove the SCI credential access and request a FedMail statement delivery.
    • To modify or delete a Subscriber, please submit a Subscriber request via the "Manage Subscribers" feature in the EUAC Center via FedLine Home.
    • If you have questions about submitting Subscriber requests, please call the CCC at (888) 333-7010.

Testing Opportunities

Data File Customers
Testing will be required for Data File customers. The testing environment will be available June 1 – July 15, 2016.

Non Data File Customers
To help you become familiar with the new features, you will be able to view the changes to the AMI application in the Depository Institution Test (DIT) environment. The testing environment will be available June 1 through implementation.

A separate communication will be provided to your End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs) outlining any action required by your organization to be able to test the application via the AMI DIT environment if you choose to do so.

Account Services Transition Frequently Asked Questions