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Use visual reports to maximize your ability to analyze FedACH® data

Take advantage of a new report to help inform your institution’s operational, risk management and strategic decision making. The FedPayments® Insights Service allows customers to interact with their FedACH data in a dynamic way to easily review daily and historical trends. You can determine account impacts and discern customer behavior by using historical data and visual reports for one or all of your subscribed ABAs.

An Originator Summary Report is now available as a drill-down option from ACH Payment Trends and ACH Volume Summary by SEC Code. The new report provides visibility into both your own originators and competitive activity that involves your customer accounts. You can see an overview of activity before drilling down to the Transaction Details Report for a selected row to analyze more specific information.

Contact your account executive with any questions. If you are ready to begin taking advantage of this time-saving and dynamic resource, submit a participant agreement form (PDF).