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Continue to use to electronically process audit confirmation requests

As a reminder, the Federal Reserve Banks’ preferred method to process account confirmations is electronically through (Off-site). is an online, paperless service that is used to facilitate the electronic processing of audit confirmation requests for:

  • Fedwire® Securities Service account holdings information
  • Account Balance
  • Capital Stock
  • Pledged collateral holdings for Treasury Tax & Loan (TT&L)
  • 31CFR Part 202
  • 31CFR Part 225
  • Discount Window loan or collateral information

Please note that the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas, New York, Richmond and St. Louis will not accept requests for Discount Window loan or collateral information through Confirmation requests for Discount Window loan and collateral information from the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas, New York, Richmond and St. Louis should be sent to those local Reserve Banks.

Prepare accordingly

Ensure your organization has an Authorization to Release Information to Accounting Firms (PDF) form on file. Before the Federal Reserve Banks can respond to a confirmation request from your institution’s audit firm through, the release must be signed by an individual on your institution’s Official Authorization List (OAL). This release only needs to be submitted once rather than submitting a separate authorization letter for each paper audit confirmation request.

Alternate submission process

As an alternative to using, you may submit a request manually by completing the standard Audit Confirmation Request Form (PDF). This form must be submitted according to the instructions provided for your respective local district. Requests received by other means will be returned for resubmission via the standard form. Please communicate this information to your designated audit firm to ensure efficient audit confirmation processing.

For questions regarding audit confirmation requests, please contact your local Account Confirmation Request Contact.