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VPN device migrations now available

As part of the Federal Reserve’s ongoing efforts to keep pace with evolving industry and customer needs, we require all FedLine Advantage®, FedLine Command® and FedLine Direct® customers to replace their current Virtual Private Network (VPN) devices with a more contemporary solution. These changes will improve resiliency and enable access to the FedNowSM Service. As a reminder, your organization will move from the current Fortinet® FortiGate® 61E model to a Cisco® C1111 model.

When your VPN device is due for migration, we will instruct an end user authorization contact (EUAC) from your organization to facilitate the migration order, via the Connection Management Center (CMC) within FedLine® Home, in your designated timeframe. A FedLine Advantage EUAC can submit a migration order at any time via the CMC in FedLine Home. We will make every effort to work with your organization to find a migration time that works best for you. To help address any questions you may have, please reference the VPN Device Migration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Legacy configuration changes

Effective November 20, legacy Fortinet FortiGate 61E model customers will no longer be able to make modifications to their device configurations within the CMC. Examples of device configuration changes include modifying the WAN IP address and adding, modifying and/or deleting the Subscriber IP address. Customers wishing to change their configuration on legacy devices after this date must migrate to the Cisco C1111 model to achieve their desired configuration. To avoid associated device modification fees, migrate today.


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