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Review 2019 FedACH® activity with the ACH Routing Number Activity Report

Would you like to see your institution’s FedACH® Services activity for all of 2019? The ACH Routing Number Activity Report in the FedPayments® Reporter Service for FedACH Services is designed to generate that information for you. This automated, scheduled report option:

  • Provides summary-level information for originated and received entries processed via FedACH Services for a specified ABA
  • Is generated on the first business day of the month and shows information for the previous month and calendar year to date
  • Can also be generated on an ad hoc, on-demand basis for any one of the previous three months and will carry the year-to-date activity for that month back to the beginning of the corresponding calendar year
  • Includes entry counts, addenda counts, forward entries, returned entries, notification of change (NOC) entries, pre-notification entries, enrollment (ENR) entries, operator rejects, dollar values, debits, credits, commercial and government entries and originated and received entries

Action Item:

View a sample of the ACH Routing Number Activity Report or read report descriptions to learn more. If you would like your account executive to contact you, please complete our contact request form.