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Three reasons to join the FedPayments Improvement Community today

When the Federal Reserve kicked off its Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System (Off-site) initiative in 2015, we committed to achieving payments improvement through collaboration. It began with the Faster and Secure Payments Task Forces and work groups, bringing more than 500 diverse industry stakeholders together to discuss, debate and ultimately advance foundational frameworks and agreements for evolving the nation’s payment system.

Today, we engage regularly with the industry as we continue to work toward a faster, safer, more efficient payment system. This work is the focus of the (Off-site) website.

One of the key ways we engage with payments industry stakeholders is via the FedPayments Improvement Community (Off-site). Now totaling more than 9,000 members, the Community is the best way to keep up with the Federal Reserve’s payments improvements efforts.

By joining the FedPayments Improvement Community, you can take advantage of:

  1. Content that interests you: As a member, you will hear the latest news and perspectives from both the Federal Reserve and other experts in the industry, including the monthly Pulse e-newsletter (Off-site) outlining the top stories from across the payments ecosystem and upcoming industry events and engagement opportunities.
  2. Engagement when and how you wish: By joining, you will have opportunities to:
    • Participate in work groups as they are established
    • Provide feedback regarding work group and related efforts
    • Attend online and in-person events
    • Participate in information-gathering surveys
  3. Our easy sign-up process: Visit the FedPayments Improvement Community (Off-site) page to sign up and complete the form with your relevant information and areas of interest.

The FedPayments Improvement Community is not the only way to engage with the Federal Reserve. If you are interested in the FedNowSM Service, our upcoming instant payment offering, consider joining the FedNow Community. Learn more on the FedNow Community page and submit the participant profile form (Off-site) to sign up.