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Currency Education Program: How to report counterfeit money

Do you know what to do if you suspect you have received counterfeit money? Financial institutions and businesses can report suspected counterfeit notes to the U.S. Secret Service through the USDollars (Off-site) website. The site allows users to send multiple submissions at once, notifies users when the U.S. Secret Service receives their submissions and gives users access to their submission history.

Alternatively, financial institutions and businesses can report suspected counterfeits by mail with a completed Counterfeit Note Report (SSF 1604) (Off-site, PDF) for each counterfeit. Visit the U.S. Currency Education Program’s Report a Counterfeit (Off-site) page to determine where you should send your suspected counterfeits and SSF 1604 forms.

If you are not affiliated with a financial institution or business, contact your local police department or nearest U.S. Secret Service field office. To identify these locations, visit the Report a Counterfeit page (Off-site). Write your initials and the date in the white border areas of the note, and surrender the note to a police officer or U.S. Secret Service special agent. If the note is genuine, it will be returned to you.