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Learn all about Service Status in a few short videos

FRBservices.orgSM has plenty of resources to help Fed customers with business contingency planning in the event of a service disruption. You can stay up to date with the operational status of the Federal Reserve 24/7 by checking Service Status. If you are not aware of all of the great features that Service Status offers, our resource videos cover a range of topics, such as how to access and navigate messages, general notifications and alerts. Check them out below:

How to access and navigate Service Status

Whether you are new to Service Status or have been using it for years, this video gives a detailed overview of the applications that everyone can utilize. Learn how to access Service Status, understand color-coding, the legend and key message delivery methods.

General notifications and messages on Service Status

Learn about the different communication vehicles within the Service Status application. This instructional video shows you how to find messages and general notifications on the Service Status page.

Be prepared before, during and after a service disruption

This short video is packed full of tips that will keep your staff abreast of best practices to execute before, during and after a service disruption. These tips will strengthen your business contingency procedures.