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Currency Education Program: Introducing the Money Adventure Android app

You can now download the U.S. Currency Education Program’s Money Adventure (Off-site) Android app! Money Adventure is a fun, interactive app that teaches the next generation of cash users about the historical designs and robust security features of U.S. currency.

Similar to the iOS version, the Android version of Money Adventure contains a note front and note back explorer. The note front explorer reveals the unique security features of the $20 bill to students as they interact with the virtual banknote. Students work with Buck the Time-Traveling Dog in the note back explorer on a quest through the historical events illustrated on the back of U.S. currency. After download, students can venture through the app without an internet connection.

Money Adventure is the mobile complement to the online K-5 Classroom (Off-site) platform on (Off-site). The website contains videos, lesson plans and easy-to-navigate activities that introduce elementary students to the world of U.S. currency.

Download the app through the Google Play Store (Off-site) on your Android device or through the Apple App Store (Off-site) on your iOS device! Watch the video below to learn more. Already have the app? Leave a review to rate your experience.