Successful business continuity planning involves your organization’s ability to react to the potential demands of a service disruption. Having contingency plans in place can help ensure resilience during such an event. Below are some tips to help your organization prepare during all stages of a service disruption.

Before a service disruption

To help minimize the impact caused by a disruption of service, we encourage your organization to implement the following as part of your contingency planning:

  1. Bookmark the Service Status page on FRBservices.orgSM and refer to it regularly as your primary resource to get updates and information on the operational status of services offered by the Federal Reserve Banks
  2. Conduct regular reviews and update contact information with the Federal Reserve for primary and back-up staff members in your organization
  3. Ensure your staff is trained and prepared to conduct critical payments processing and reporting tasks using contingency procedures if needed while Federal Reserve Bank Services recover
  4. Reference the Contact page to print hard copies of Federal Reserve Bank contact information, which is particularly important to have on-hand during disruptions in power or internet access
  5. Keep up-to-date hard copies of all pertinent sections of the Federal Reserve’s Business Continuity Guides readily available (see links at the end of this article)
  6. If your organization has FedLine Web® and/or FedLine Advantage® End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs), ensure they can reference the Contingency Guides for these FedLine® Solutions via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home

During a service disruption

The Federal Reserve Banks will work to ensure the highest possible level of service and the quickest recovery time. Successful operations will require both coordination and cooperation between financial institutions and Federal Reserve staff. We encourage you to:

  1. Notify all pertinent personnel at your organization if there is a Federal Reserve service disruption, according to your organization’s specific crisis communication escalation procedures
  2. Refer to the Federal Reserve’s Service Status page to obtain the current operational status of our services and other instructions
  3. Refer to FedLine Home, when needed, to obtain additional information on the operational status of our services and other instructions
  4. Review and/or execute your own business resumption plans, as needed

After a service disruption

Your organization should check Service Status for any specific processing or reconciliation instructions that may apply. Additional information and tips can be found in the Federal Reserve’s Business Continuity Guides. You can locate them on by typing “Business Continuity Guides” in the search bar. We suggest that you bookmark the guides that correspond to the services you use the most. A full list is below:

Together,, Service Status and FedLine Home are critical resources for the latest information about your organization’s Federal Reserve Bank Services.