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Fed Facts: Visit a Fed museum virtually this fall

Virtual learning has become one of the many new norms in 2020 as COVID-19 has altered day-to-day life. This fall, we are excited to provide learning opportunities that are available from across the Federal Reserve System. Did you know many of the Federal Reserve Banks across the country have a museum that is available to the public? While most are closed temporarily for the health and safety of their communities, select Reserve Bank museums have virtual exhibits and tours you can visit online, at any time, from anywhere. Check out the following virtual learning opportunities offered by Federal Reserve Bank museums:

Federal Reserve Bank Virtual Tours and Exhibits
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland A virtual tour of the Cleveland Fed’s Learning Center and Money Museum (Off-site) is guided by Monte the Money Tree squirrel! See the Money Tree, walk through and learn about the museum’s exhibits and play interactive games.
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Check out videos and read about exhibits in the Chicago Fed’s Virtual Money Museum (Off-site). A Fed Museum app (Off-site) is also available for download.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis The St. Louis Fed has provided a virtual museum experience of its Economy Museum (Off-site) with a 360-degree museum tour, along with educational videos of the museum’s exhibits.
Federal Reseve Bank of Kansas City Be sure to take a look at the Money Museum’s online exhibit Banking on Her: The History of Women at the Kansas City Fed (Off-site). The exhibit celebrates the history of women in the 10th Federal Reserve district and their contributions over the last 100 years.