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U.S. Coin Task Force adds new resources to #getcoinmoving

After publishing its initial recommendations and resources (Off-site) for addressing the coin circulation issues in the supply chain as a result of COVID-19, the U.S. Coin Task Force has published new resources for financial institutions, armored carriers and retailers, designed to help #getcoinmoving.

Since convening in July 2020, the U.S. Coin Task Force has completed two work sprints, focusing on identifying, refining and promoting strategies to resolve the coin supply chain issues resulting from COVID-19-related disruptions to normal coin circulation. At the conclusion of the initial work sprint in July, the task force determined that it should continue work in order to develop resources that would facilitate a consistent public message and a more expedient and uniform adoption of the task force’s recommendations. The U.S. Coin Task Force encourages retailers, financial institutions and armored carriers to use the resources to counter the ongoing coin circulation issues.

At the conclusion of the second, August sprint, the U.S. Coin Task Force has:

  • Developed toolkits for use by retailers, financial institutions and armored carriers. The toolkits include best-practices and recommendations for increasing coin circulation and decreasing barriers for handling coin in the supply chain while maximizing equitable access to coin and emphasizing financial inclusion.
  • Published the toolkits and other U.S. Coin Task Force materials on (Off-site). Task force members emphasized the need for a single place to house all materials to provide convenient access for financial institutions, retailers, armored carriers and the public. meets this goal.
  • Determined that the U.S. Coin Task Force should complete an additional sprint of work in order to measure and monitor the impact of the task force’s recommendations and toolkits and adjust or supplement the materials as necessary for maximum effectiveness. The U.S. Coin Task Force will continue its work through the month of September to monitor coin circulation and develop or adjust materials to increase coin circulation if needed to meet the mission of the task force. New resources will be available on (Off-site).

The U.S. Coin Task Force includes representatives from key segments of the coin supply chain, and looks forward to reporting on its continued progress in early October.