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Five easy steps to resolve an ACH exception case

You can streamline the exception resolution process in five easy steps with the FedACH® Exception Resolution Service. Launched in 2019, the service provides a simple and secure option for handling Automated Clearing House (ACH) exceptions (disputes, notifications, questions or requests for additional information) through your FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage® Solution. Financial institutions subscribed to the service can work directly with other FedACH customers subscribed to the service to resolve ACH exceptions. See how it works below.

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The Exception Resolution Service provides:

  • The ability for you to open, receive, read, respond to, close or cancel exception cases for ACH transactions settled via FedACH Services within two years from the entry date and to include supporting documentation
  • Functionality to search a two-year historical repository of ACH entries to populate exception cases with ACH entry details
  • A mechanism for the secure exchange of sensitive exception case information between financial institutions
  • A 13-month archive to access and view all cases sent or received by your institution

Learn more about the benefits by viewing the Exception Resolution Service product sheet (PDF) or contacting your account executive directly.