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VPN Device Migration is in full swing

The Federal Reserve Banks are committed to evolving with security and industry standards. Part of this effort is the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Device Migration project, which launched in December 2018. Since then, nearly 50% of VPN customers in scope have completed their migrations and many others have begun the migration order process.

As previously communicated, all FedLine Advantage® and FedLine Command® customers are required to replace their current VPN devices with a more contemporary solution at no additional cost for the new device. The setup for your new VPN device will be similar to the setup for your current device, so this migration should require minimal to no changes to your environment. To help your organization complete your migration easily, be sure to review the resources and documentation available to you.

Action Item:

For customers that have not yet begun the migration process, we recommend that your organization review your network and firewall settings per the FedLine Advantage® VPN Device Access Requirements to help ensure continued compliance prior to your migration. This document, along with other FedLine® VPN resources and documentation, is located in the Help Center of the Connection Management Center (CMC), which your FedLine Advantage End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs) can access via FedLine Home.

Get started

A FedLine Advantage EUAC can submit a migration order at any point by accessing the CMC and selecting the defaulted “Migrate current VPN” option on the order screen to complete your migration order. Note that a credentialed Technical Contact at your organization can assist with completing the migration order in the CMC; however, an EUAC must start the order and submit it.

Consider a secondary VPN device

When your organization migrates your current device(s), you should also consider ordering additional devices as part of your business continuity plans. If your organization is a FedLine Advantage Premier customer, you can add a secondary VPN device for no additional monthly charge. For more information on contingency options, visit the FedLine Advantage and FedLine Command Business Continuity Quick Tips page or contact your account executive.


Please review the VPN Device Migration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or contact the Support Center with any questions about this project.