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Address change for Boston and San Francisco Board Resolution and Official Authorization List submissions

As a reminder, customers serviced by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston should now submit completed Board Resolutions (BRs) and Official Authorization Lists (OALs) to:

National Accounting Customer Support
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Financial Management Group
90 Hennepin Ave
P.O. Box 291
Minneapolis, MN 55480-0291

If you would like a copy of your forms reviewed prior to sending in the originals, please email/fax them to the following:

The BR and OAL submission process has not changed for customers serviced by the other Reserve Banks. Visit the BR and OAL Contacts page to see where you should submit your completed forms. All customers should continue to direct BR and OAL inquiries to (800) 309-6156. The National Accounting Customer Support area is available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ET.