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A different kind of summer reading: Insightful Federal Reserve research

Get a head start on your summer reading goals by catching up on Federal Reserve Bank economic data, research periodicals or working papers. The Federal Reserve regularly conducts studies to help policymakers, the industry and the public better understand — and improve — the U.S. payment system.

To note, the Federal Reserve Board recently published an article that takes a deep dive into how lockdown policies have contributed to local unemployment rates (Off-site), while the St. Louis Fed published a working paper analyzing tariffs across U.S. states (Off-site). The Fed posts these research findings across the System’s Board and district websites — check out the list below for links to the wide array of research by Reserve Bank.

Federal Reserve System research:

Action Item:

Check out a summary from the annual Federal Reserve payments study, "2021 findings from the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice" in this issue of Fed360®.