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Fed Facts: Check out the Fed’s podcast offerings

We are currently in a season of unprecedented change. Many of us have transplanted from offices to our homes and are adjusting to working remotely. Moving to these alternative work environments has increased reliance on technology to obtain and exchange information. While working from home, you may have replaced your former commuting time with reading blog content or reviewing recorded webinars. If that’s the case, consider adding Federal Reserve podcasts to your list of information sources.

Listen in on the New York Fed’s Bank Notes, which is a podcast series of five episodes focusing on the financial needs and challenges of small businesses. This series shares insights and analysis from the New York Fed on a range of small business issues, including credit needs and challenges. You’ll hear directly from some small business owners as they discuss their experiences.

Another podcast series is the San Francisco Fed’s Twice Around. These 9 episodes take a second look at the beliefs that shape our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. The podcasts focus on myth busting and give insight and advice about achieving the American dream.

The table below provides links to podcast series from around the Federal Reserve System.
Location Podcasts
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston The Boston Fed offers a variety of podcasts (Off-site) featuring selected speeches by Bank officials and presentations made at sponsored events. The topics range from higher education to strategic risks.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Bank Notes (Off-site) is a podcast that dives into insights and analysis from the New York Fed. The first series focuses on the financial needs and challenges of small businesses.
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Listen to economic updates, speeches and more on the Richmond Fed’s podcasts page (Off-site).
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Check out the Atlanta Fed’s podcast series Economy Matters (Off-site), which focuses on economic issues regarding housing, the evolution of payment systems and more.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis The St. Louis Fed’s Women in Economics (Off-site) podcast series shines a light on women who have built careers as prominent economists.

Economic Lowdown (Off-site) covers topics in economics, banking and monetary policy for high school and college students.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco The podcast series Twice Around (Off-site) focuses on myth busting and gives insight and advice about achieving the American dream.