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At your fingertips: Federal Reserve Bank Services operational status updates

The Federal Reserve is dedicated to keeping you well-informed on the operational status of Federal Reserve Bank Services. Service Status provides details on opening and closing times, as well as information regarding disruptions, including potential weather impacts.

Located in the top, right-hand corner of®, shown here, or the main page of FedLine® Home, the Service Status icon color will change depending on the current operational status of Federal Reserve Bank Services.

  • Green indicates that all service areas are operating normally. However, there could still be a notification or message to be aware of, so you should still click through to the Service Status page even if the button is green.
  • Yellow or red signals there is an important alert to read.
Home page for with the Service Status button pointed out

Learn more with the Service Status video series

To help customers become familiar with Service Status, we have created a video series on a variety of topics.

Learn how to access Service Status, understand color-coding, the legend and key message delivery methods.

Learn about the different communication vehicles within the Service Status application.

Service Status has information that is essential to business continuity planning for your institution. It is the fastest and easiest way to obtain information from the Federal Reserve Banks regarding the operational status of our products and services.