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Introducing the Cash Assist iOS app

The Cash Assist (Off-site) mobile app is now available on iOS devices! Like the Android version of Cash Assist, the iOS version is a useful training companion for cash handlers who need guidance on how to authenticate Federal Reserve notes.

How it works

The app’s “Denomination Detector” uses a mobile device’s camera to identify the denomination of the bill being authenticated. Capture an image of a banknote with either the front-facing or back-facing camera, and once the denomination has been detected, the app will display the key security features that are visible on genuine U.S. currency.

The app’s “Tilt Check Simulator” reveals how the security features of banknotes function when in motion. Select a denomination and tilt the mobile device back and forth to interact with a virtual banknote and observe its unique features from different angles.

To quickly access text about the security features of specific banknotes, use the app’s “Quick Pick” feature. This will present information about key security features for each denomination within the app and link to the Denominations (Off-site) page on (Off-site) for additional details.

Visit the Google Play Store (Off-site) or the Apple App Store (Off-site) to download Cash Assist today. Please note that Cash Assist does not identify counterfeit notes.