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Federal Reserve Financial Services is committed to preparedness in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Federal Reserve Financial Services is committed to maintaining a high level of preparedness to meet the needs of financial institutions for a range of scenarios, including those relevant to the recent public health emergency caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We want to reassure you that our services are fully operational and we do not anticipate any business disruptions. Customers should continue to follow their normal procedures for contacting the Federal Reserve Banks.

The Federal Reserve Banks are closely monitoring updatged guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) (Off-site) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (Off-site) to stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19. Please reference FedLine® Home, Service Status and the COVID-19 page to stay up to date on guidance as it relates to financial services. For additional information related to actions the Federal Reserve is taking to support the economy, visit the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors (Off-site) website. If you have any questions about our preparedness, please reach out to your account executive or contact the Customer Contact Center.

Action Item:

Visit the COVID-19 page, Service Status or FedLine Home for updates on our guidance as it relates to financial services during this public health emergency. We will continue to update these pages as news develops.