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Empowering bright futures for the next generation

The Federal Reserve conducts a wide range of functions to promote successful communities across the U.S., and one of the pillars of service is dedicated to educating the next generation about finances and the economy. Throughout the Federal Reserve System, a variety of programs and resources are offered for both students and their educators. Although COVID-19 has altered the traditional classroom setting, the Federal Reserve Banks have adapted their educational resources to meet the needs of students today. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many programs.

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond has taken its Teacher Collaborative Committee (Off-site) to a virtual setting. The educators will spend the year sharing insights from their classrooms and helping the Richmond Fed understand the types of classroom resources and professional development opportunities that will best serve economics and personal finance teachers. The teachers on the committee represent Fifth District communities throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina.
  • Both the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Off-site) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Off-site) host an annual High School Fed Challenge. The challenge is an academic competition that provides students the opportunity to study the U.S. economy through the lens of the U.S. central bank. The program encourages students to learn more about economics as a subject for study and as a career path. To complete the challenge, students must work as a team with classmates to analyze data and submit their presentation or essay.
  • The Federal Reserve Banks of San Francisco (Off-site), Dallas (Off-site) and Kansas City (Off-site) also offer resources for students of all ages to learn more about the economy, the role of the Federal Reserve and more.

Action Item:

For a single source about all educational materials from across the System, check out (Off-site).

Providing educational resources to empower and build bright futures for students of all ages is just one way the Federal Reserve helps strengthen communities across the U.S. Be sure to pass along these resources to educators and students in your community!